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Fannie Mae Issues New and Revised Servicing Guidance

Fannie Mae recently announced the release of Lender Letter 2020-11, updates to five previously issued Lender Letters, and the publication of the July Servicing Guide Update.

First, Lender Letter 2020-11, addressed to all Fannie Mae single-family servicers, introduces disaster payment deferral as a new retention workout option to assist borrowers whose delinquency resulted from a short-term hardship that has since been resolved.

Second, the following five Lender Letters have been updated:

Finally, the July Servicing Guide Update (SVC-2020-03) revised the Fannie Mae Servicing Guide to, among other things: (i) revise the servicer’s responsibilities and requirements when managing insurance loss proceeds, (ii) revise post-disaster credit reporting requirements by no longer requiring the suspension of credit reporting for borrowers impacted by a disaster event, and (iii) clarify that servicers may choose not to send a payment reminder for mortgage loans in active forbearance.