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CFPB Publishes “Consumers Count: Tools and Resources for Money Decisions”

The CFPB created tools and resources to assist consumers in asking questions, planning, and acting on plans.  The resources are designed to help consumers navigate financial problems and achieve major financial goals, such as owning a home or planning for a secure retirement.

Five resources are identified to assist consumers including:

  • AskCFPB – A collection of common consumer financial questions and answers that cover topics from money basics to credit reports to getting a mortgage;
  • Submit a complaint;
  • Money As You Grow – Building financial skills during childhood that contribute to success as an adult;
  • Sending Money Abroad – Addressing rights when it comes to sending money to loved ones in other countries; and
  • Free brochures addressing a wide range of financial products and services.

Additionally, the CFPB provides resources to assist consumers in making large purchase plans or taking on new financial responsibilities.  These include:

  • Paying for college;
  • Planning for retirement;
  • Owning a home;
  • Getting an auto loan; and
  • Managing someone else’s money.

The tools and resources are available here: http://www.consumerfinance.gov/about-us/blog/consumers-count-tools-and-resources-money-decisions.