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CFPB Finalizes Interim Rules Transferred under Dodd-Frank

The CFPB recently finalized the interim rules it published in December 2011 that transferred the existing regulations implementing the laws that transferred to the CFPB under the Dodd-Frank Act. Regulations transferred to the CFPB include, among several others, TILA’s Regulation Z, RESPA’s Regulation X, ECOA’s Regulation B, HMDA’s Regulation C, and the SAFE Act’s Regulations G and H. The interim rules included technical and conforming changes to reflect the transfer of authority and certain other changes made by the Dodd-Frank Act. The CFPB’s final rule adopts the interim final rules published in December 2011, subject to any intervening final rules published by the CFPB.

A copy of the final rule is available here: https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2016-04-28/pdf/2016-09431.pdf.