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CFPB Final Rule Retains Updates to the Rules of Practice

The CFPB recently published a final rule retaining the amendments that it made to the Rules of Practice for Adjudication Proceedings (Updated Rules of Practice) through a procedural rule last year.

The Updated Rules of Practice amend various aspects of the Rules of Practice for Adjudication Proceedings, including simplifying how time periods are computed, stating that certain motions and reviews are generally disfavored, clarifying what must be included in an answer filed by a respondent, and allowing discovery depositions.  They also add provisions addressing the bifurcation of proceedings, the relationship of dispositive motions to the scheduling of the hearing, and issue exhaustion.  Additionally, the Updated Rules of Practice adopt a new procedure for rulings on dispositive motions.

Although the CFPB invited the public to submit comments on the Updated Rules of Practice, after considering the comments that it received, the CFPB decided to retain the amendments without any changes.