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Idaho Department of Finance Amends the Residential Mortgage Practices Act

The Idaho Department of Finance (Department) recently adopted a rule (Rule 12.01.10) that revises the Idaho Residential Mortgage Practices Act (IRMPA). The new rule amends the IRMPA by updating references to the federal Truth-in-Lending Act and Real Estate Settlement Procures Act and eliminating duplicative disclosure requirements for mortgage brokers and lenders. The Department stated that this rule “promotes consistency in state and federal mortgage-related laws so that Idaho mortgage licensees are not faced with an untenable requirement of complying with conflicting state and federal laws.” The changes made by Rule 12.01.10 went into effect on March 25, 2016. The complete text of this rule can be found in the October 7, 2015, Idaho Administrative Bulletin, Vol. 15-10, pages 183-185.