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FDIC Updates Affordable Mortgage Lending Guide Information on State Housing Finance Agencies

The FDIC recently updated the Affordable Mortgage Lending Guide, Part II: State Housing Finance Agencies to reflect the most recent information available about the mortgage programs offered through state housing finance agencies (HFAs).  While not part of the updates, the Affordable Mortgage Lending guide also consists of Part I: Federal Agencies and Government Sponsored Enterprises and Part III: Federal Home Loan Banks.

Forty of the fifty-four Housing Financing Agencies (HFAs) have been identified in Part II, Appendix A, State Summaries of HFA Products and Resources.  The State HFA Product Matrix has been updated and there have been changes made to the Affordable Mortgage Lending Center.  Added to the list of HFAs was the Massachusetts Housing Partnership.  Additionally, private mortgage insurance alternative options are now included on the state sheets.