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CSBS Issues 2015 Annual Report

The Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) has released their 2015 Annual Report (Report).

CSBS outlines its three major objectives as part of their strategic plan which include:

  1. Bank Regulation and Supervision. Promoting right-sized regulation and supervision of banks consistent with their size, complexity, overall risk profile, and risk to the financial system by developing appropriate legislative, regulatory, and supervisory solutions, equipping state supervisors to challenge the inappropriate or disproportionate application of federal regulation, promoting the role of state agencies to differentiate them from federal regulators, and supporting the role and value of banks in the community and economy.
  2. Non-Bank Regulation and Supervision: Facilitating an effective system of non-bank regulation and supervision, ensuring consumer protection and access to necessary financial services and credit, coordinating the role of the states and the appropriate federal agencies, advocating, communicating, and highlighting the roles of state agencies, and providing support for the activities of the state system.
  3. Education and Professional Standards: Educate and inform examiners, the public, government officials, and CSBS stakeholders, instilling confidence among stakeholders and the public in the state system of financial regulation by enabling high quality state agency licensing, exam, and management staff through training, certification, and accreditation.

The Report highlights 2015 initiatives in the following areas:  Coordination, collaboration, communication; research; taking action; training and accreditation; and NMLS.