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CFPB Publishes Updated Filing Instructions Guide for 2022 HMDA Data

The CFPB issued the updated Filing Instructions Guide (FIG) for the data collected in 2022 that firms will report in 2023.  The 2022 FIG is a compendium of resources to help annual filers of HMDA data that they collect in 2022 and submit to the CFPB in 2023.  The FIG breaks down the expectations for files, data, and edits to the data.  The 2022 FIG does not make any significant changes to the submission process.

The CFPB also issued its Supplemental Guide (the Guide) for Quarterly Filers for 2022.  The Guide provides instructions for reporting quarterly data to the CFPB.  The Guide makes a change to the way that data should reflect a final action taken against loan or applications and the way that data should record the months in the quarter.