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Arbitration Developments

Arbitration agreements and their effect on various legal issues have been hot-button news items in the past year. The U.S. Supreme Court has issued multiple decisions in the past year reinforcing the primacy of arbitration agreements, including its seminal decision in Epic Systems v. Lewis, confirming that arbitration agreements that provide for waiver of class action rights are enforceable in employment disputes. Join WBK attorneys as they discuss the latest issues and trends in arbitration provisions and how they may affect your company.

Administrative Enforcement Actions

Civil enforcement actions can present serious risks to companies—proceedings can delay or derail key business objectives, tarnish reputations, reduce consumer confidence, and trigger parallel enforcement actions from other government entities.  Government agencies have recently shifted their enforcement focus, while new players have entered the landscape.  Join WBK attorneys as they discuss the issues and latest trends related to administrative enforcement actions.

ADA Website Litigation

Lawsuits alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) have proliferated in recent years alleging business websites do not comply with the ADA. Courts have varied in their interpretations, and a recent opinion from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit is poised to increase uncertainty. Join WBK lawyers as they provide analysis on the current legal landscape.

TCPA Litigation in 2019

Four federal appellate courts issued significant opinions in 2018 interpreting the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, creating a circuit split and making waves in the rising tide of class action litigation being brought under it. With the renewed uncertainty in the law and the increase in consumer litigation, compliance with the provisions of the TCPA is becoming increasingly important for financial services companies. Join WBK attorneys as they provide analysis on the changing legal landscape and how to address it.

Defense of Consumer Actions

This webinar will address best practices in defending individual consumer actions, including TILA, RESPA, ECOA, FCRA, FDCPA, and TCPA claims. We will also discuss recent trends in case law from around the country applying and interpreting these statutes.

E-Discovery Best Practices

This webinar will address best practices to manage the ever-increasing amount of electronic data necessary in modern litigation, as well as how to best use technology to control costs and shorten litigation, while creating more effective and efficient methods of litigation data management.

The Intersection Between UDAAP and Consumer Fraud Litigation

This webinar will discuss the fundamental concepts of Unfair, Deceptive, and Abusive Acts and Practices law, how it interacts with analogous state consumer fraud statutes, and how it affects consumer fraud cases arising under state statutes.

Trade Secret Litigation in Financial Services

This webinar will address Congress’s 2016 enactment of the Defend Trade Secrets Act, creating a federal cause of action for trade secret misappropriation, and its effect on the financial services industry. We will also address state trade secret issues, and discuss recent developments on case law interpreting both the federal and state laws.

RESPA Section 8

This webinar will cover hot topics in RESPA enforcement, including how courts have applied the recent PHH v. CFPB decision from the DC Circuit, as well as current trends in consumer litigation raising RESPA issues.

Class Action Defense

This webinar is designed to familiarize your company with best practices in the defense of class actions, including things your company can do proactively to minimize the potential risk.

Government Investigations and Enforcement Actions

This webinar is designed to walk you through the process of government investigations and enforcement actions, including discussions of Civil Investigative Demands and administrative subpoenas. We will cover state and federal agencies, and discuss the general administrative process followed by most federal and state agencies.

How to Prepare for and Avoid Litigation: Best Practices to Ensure Your Company is Ready When Courts Call

This webinar is designed to discuss best practices to prepare your company for potential litigation – known and unknown.